Configuration for Collab.Land bot with minimal permissions

Invite the bot and Initial set up

Invite the bot to your server with the Administrator permission, to start with so that it can create the private channel, #collabland-config channel, the only place configuration commands are accepted. It also creates the Collab.Land role that is directly linked to the bot integration (self delete on bot removal).

Custom Configuration to remove Administrator permissions

Go to Roles management in Server Settings and find the Collab.Land role to edit it. Disable all its permissions and only allow:

Custom Configuration for setup channel

Now we need to give the bot access to the configuration channel. Edit #collabland-config channel and add the Collab.Land role to permissions. Select Collab.Land role and it only enable permissions for:

Custom Configuration for channels to enable/disable bot commands for users

By default, a discord server is set up to allow @everyone role the View Channels permission. This applies to the bot as well, so user commands would be available in all channels that are not private.



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